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Get up and feed me!

Love Meow

Get up and feed me!

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The Cuddly Snuggly Kitties via Love Meow ~ Sweet Dreams Beautiful Friends ♥


The Cuddly Snuggly Kitties via Love Meow ~ Sweet Dreams Beautiful Friends ♥

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Maggie the Little Tuxedo Girl

She’s too cute for words.
She knows exactly how to melt our hearts.
She was rescued by the Tonis Kitty Rescue in San Francisco and is now being cared for by Josh Norem of The Furrtographer. 
What she needs next is a forever loving home!

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His name is Sparrow and he is SO BEAUTIFUL I can’t stand it.

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"Gimme my bottle! It’s MY bottle!"

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Stray Kitten Finds His Best Friend

A tiny homeless kitten strayed into the heart of a cat lover. “This stray kitten eluded me for a week and a half until (one) night. He couldn’t be sweeter,” said her human via reddit.

He was a stray that was probably wandered off from his cat mother. “I have managed to corner him and get him to eat but I could never get close enough to grab him with out worrying about hurting him. I began leaving food but it was obvious the other strays were eating it. Finally I was walking out with his food and he was sitting high up on a post. I picked him up off of it but he was just bones and flesh and couldn’t put up much of a fight. He has been wonderful ever since. Big appetite. Adventurous. Mostly naps. Loves to snuggle/nuzzle/be near my fiancé and I.”

After treating the kitten’s cold since he had been out in the rain, they introduced him to their beloved cat Tyrol. The relationship was rocky at first. “Especially as the new kitten quite promptly took to us, robbing Tyrol of our usually less divided attention.” But the kitten, whom they dubbed Brak, was very eager to win Tyrol’s affections. 

“He worked up to it less gently than Tyrol was truly comfortable with but it seemed to be working…. They’ve had their tiffs but seeing how close they are (now) is really just amazing.”

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Itty bitty kittens in tiny beds.

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